Annual and core activities

  1. Annual symposium
    All students are required to present their current research once a year to faculty members and students of the IMPRS. This normally takes place at the IMPRS symposium held in September. The mixed audience of faculty plus early stage and more advanced PhD students provides a good forum for internal discussion and feedback. Students have the chance to hone their presentation style and special attention is given to providing both critical discussion and encouragement.

  2. Progress meetings with the thesis advisory committee
    Each student meets with his or her thesis advisory committee (TAC) at least once a year to report on progress. More on TACs

  3. Student Retreat
    IMPRS students join with students from our sister program, the International PhD Program in the Biological Sciences, to organize a 2-3 day retreat held in summer each year. The organizers have the possibility to invite guest speakers from outside the school, but otherwise this event is student-only. It provides a great opportunity for scientific discourse as well as socializing away from the pressures of the lab or office. All IMPRS students attend at least once, with first years encouraged particularly to participate. This year’s retreat

  4. Institutional seminar series
    Students are expected to regularly attend selected seminars from the seminar series offered by the participating institutes featuring renowned international and national speakers. These include:

    • Monday Seminars of the Interfaculty Institute for Biochemistry – IFIB (weekly, during the semester)
    • Wednesday Seminar of the MPI for Developmental Biology and Friedrich Miescher Laboratory – FML (weekly). Students have the chance to meet the speaker at a student-only lunch.
    • Cell Biology/Immunology Colloquium of the Interfaculty Institute for Cell Biology – IFIZ (Tuesdays, during the semester)
    • Systems Biology Seminar of the Center Systems Biology (CSB) of the University of Stuttgart (weekly, during the semester)
    • ZBIT Seminar series (Center of Bioinformatics, weekly, during the semester)
    • TechTalks of the QBiC (Quantitative Biology Center)

    Furthermore, IMPRS students have the possibility to suggest and host at least two invited speakers per year in the Wednesday Seminar of the MPI for Developmental Biology and the FML.