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30.08.2016 13:05 Von: S Danes

Goodbye Höcker Lab

Birte Höcker takes up Professorship in Bayreuth

This summer we said “Auf Wiedersehen” to Birte Höcker and her research group. Birte has relocated her group, having taken up a position as Full Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Bayreuth.


At the Bayreuth Department of Biochemistry, Birte will continue the work on protein design she has pursued with her independent research group at the MPI for Developmental Biology since 2006. This combines theoretical and experimental approaches to analyze and engineer proteins.


To quote Birte: “We apply evolutionary concepts such as fragment recruitment to construct new well-folded protein domains. We engineer protein small-molecule interfaces and enzyme active sites using computational design as well as directed evolution techniques. In addition to this synthetic biology approach that teaches us about evolutionary engineering pathways as well as structure-function relationships, we further analyze natural relationships between protein domains through sequence and structure comparisons. Interesting candidate proteins identified through bioinformatics are examined experimentally by biophysical methods and X-ray crystallography”.


With this move Birte is stepping down as a full faculty member of our IMPRS. However, we expect to see Birte and her graduate students often and wish the group every success in Bayreuth!