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12.10.2017 13:37 Von: Sarah Danes

Sprangers/Wiesner Labs join University of Regensburg

Positions at the Institute of Biophysics and Physical Biochemistry

In August 2017 the MPI for Developmental Biology said farewell to the research groups of Remco Sprangers and Silke Wiesner. Remco and Silke joined the institute in 2008 as Max Planck research group leaders, and have been members of the IMPRS faculty since its start in 2011.


The new home for their research is the Institute of Biophysics and Physical Biochemistry, part of the Faculty of Biology and Preclinical Medicine at the University of Regensburg. Here, the research groups will continue their work in the field of bio-molecular NMR spectroscopy, as described on their institute’s webpage:


“The functions of proteins rely on their structures and the structural changes they can undergo. Structural biology hence provides unique insights into biomolecular function and thereby into cellular processes. Furthermore, the knowledge of protein structures is an invaluable starting point in the development of drugs to treat human disease. Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is the only method available to study biomolecular structure and dynamics with atomic resolution in solution. NMR provides information on the three-dimensional fold of proteins and the way proteins interact with other biomolecules. Finally, NMR spectroscopy gives insights into how protein complexes move and change conformation, aspects that are important for many enzymatic reactions. The information gained by NMR about biomolecular structure, interactions and dynamics allows us to understand how proteins are able to perform specific tasks in the cell”.


See also the Regensburg University pages for Silke Wiesner and Remco Sprangers.

We wish the Sprangers and Wiesner groups much success in Regensburg.