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23.09.2016 12:27 Von: S Danes

Joint PhD Symposium 2016

Three days of talks and posters

During 21 – 23 September 2016, IMPRS students joined together with colleagues from the International PhD Program of the MPI for Developmental Biology/FML for this year’s student symposium. Over the three days, nearly 50 student members presented project talks to the large, mixed audience; another 14 students from the International PhD Program presented their work in poster form. Additional highlights were a seminar from Nobel prizewinning cell cycle scientist Sir Paul Nurse, and a presentation from International PhD Program alumnus Georg Zeller, now based at the EMBL


Prizes were awarded for the best talks in each year group of the IMPRS students.

  • First year: David Mörsdorf (FML/Müller) - voted by the students.
  • Second year: Neel Prabh (MPI/Sommer) and Ivana Akrap (IFIZ/Nordheim) - again, a student vote.
  • Final year: Paola de Magistris (FML/Antonin) and Philipp Bauknecht (MPI/Jekely) - awarded by the faculty panel.

Congratulations to all the prize winners!

Pictured are final year prize winners Philipp Bauknecht, who spoke about “Large-scale deorphanization of G-protein coupled receptors in Platynereis dumerilii” and Paola de Magistris, whose talk title was “Nup50, a key factor for the assembly of nuclear pore complexes”.