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04.12.2017 09:06 Von: Sarah Danes

Joint PhD Symposium 2017

Talks, posters and prizewinners

This year’s Joint PhD Symposium hosted by the IMPRS “From Molecules to Organisms” and the International PhD Program of the MPI for Developmental Biology/FML moved to a new November slot. During 22 – 24 November 2017, over 50 doctoral candidates presented their PhD research to the audience of fellow students, faculty members and co-workers. For the first time, a poster session from IMPRS students was also included. Students who recently completed their second year in the program presented their posters at a lively, well-attended session.


Prizes were awarded for the best presentations in each IMPRS year group.


First year talk (voted by the students)

Melanie Kirch (FML/Jones)
Availability of adaptive standing genetic variation for rapid adaptation in sticklebacks.

Second year poster (voted by the students)

Joao Castro (FML/Chan)
Enhancer alterations contribute to morphological variation in “Longshanks” mice.


Third year talk (two equal prizes awarded by the faculty panel)

Diana Antunes (IFIB/Rapaport)
Characterizing the outcome of TAZ1 deletion by high throughput screens in yeast.

Gero Hermsdorf (ZMBP/Schäffer)
A combination of TIRF microscopy and optical tweezers to study membrane mechanics.


Pictured are this year’s IMPRS prizewinners. From left to right: Gero Hermsdorf, Diana Antunes, Joao Castro, Melanie Kirch. We also see the balloons used by Gero to illustrate how his experimental set-up measures vesicle tension. Using optical tweezers he pulls membrane tethers and measures forces exerted by proteins that can deform the membranes.
Photo credit: Joerg Abendroth/Max Planck Institut fuer Entwicklungsbiologie