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16.10.2018 08:56

Class of 2018

Welcome to our eighth student group. Of the eleven doctoral candidates, four are from Germany and the others from as far afield as Colombia and China.

Class of 2018, IMPRS "From Molecules to Organisms"

Two of the new students will do their research at the Friedrich Miescher Laboratory (FML), five will join institutes at the University of Tübingen, and four will be working at the MPI for Developmental Biology.


From left to right: Amit from India (5 year BSc/MSc in Biology, IISER Thiruvananthapuram); Catherine from the UK (Bachelors in Biomedical Sciences, Newcastle); Alejandra from Colombia (Erasmus Masters in Innovative Medicine, Groningen/Uppsala); Tobias from Germany (Masters in Evolution Ecology & Systematics, Jena); Tanja from Germany (Masters in Biology, Hohenheim); Alexandros from Greece (Masters in Applications of Biology in Medicine, Athens); Catrin from Germany (Masters in Molecular Cell Biology and Immunology, Tübingen); Minakshi from India (Masters in Cellular and Molecular Biology of Plants, Tübingen); Saskia from Germany (Masters in Chemistry and Biochemistry, Uppsala); Xi from China (Masters in Ecology, Sun Yat Sen University); Anasuya from India (Masters in Biology, Tata Institute, Mumbai).


Photo credit: Brigitte Sailer/MPI for Developmental Biology