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19.09.2017 16:36 Von: Sarah Danes

IMPRS Class of 2017

Twelve doctoral candidates join program

During 11-15 September 2017, this year’s new IMPRS doctoral candidates took part in the orientation days and officially joined the program.


During the orientation week, the new IMPRS participants learnt about aspects of the IMPRS program and about the requirements for a doctoral degree. Newcomers to Germany could take part in a one-day “Crash Couse Germany” to pick up tips about life in Germany and some first words in the German language. The IMPRS student representatives made sure the newcomers got to know other IMPRS students with a trip to the “Schlosslabor”, the rooms at Tübingen Castle where in 1869 Friedrich Miescher first isolated nucleic acid, and a student get-together with BBQ.


The members of the IMPRS class of 2017 originate from 9 different countries. Shown on the photo, left to right: Simone (Masters in Genetics and Molecular Biology, Sapienza University, Rome), Alessandra (Masters in Biodiversity and Biological Evolution, Milan), Mikel (Masters in Bioinformatics and Biostatistics, UOC, Spain), Michelle (5 year BSc/MSc in Biology, IISER Thiruvananthapuram), Katharina (Masters in Biochemistry, Tübingen), Nidhi (Masters in Biotechnology, Delhi), Albane (Interdisciplinary Master in Life Sciences, Ecole Normale Supérieure rue d'Ulm, Paris/Agrocampus Ouest centre de Rennes), Alina (Masters in Biological Science (Pathology), Cambridge, UK), Layla (Masters in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Tel Aviv) and Maria (Masters in Nanobiophysics, TU Dresden). Not shown: Raed (Masters in Biochemistry, Tübingen) and Hadeer (Masters in Physics, American University Cairo).