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01.02.2016 11:43 Von: S Danes

Felicity Jones named as 2016 Balfour Lecturer

Lecture at the Royal Society, London in November

Felicity Jones, group leader at the Friedrich Miescher Laboratory and IMPRS faculty member, has been recognized for her work on the molecular genetics of adaptation and speciation by the Genetics Society of the United Kingdom.


The Balfour Lecture is an annual award from the Genetics Society to mark the contributions to genetics of an outstanding young investigator.  Previous recipients of the award – named after the Society’s first president - include Enrico Coen, Miltos Tsiantis and Philip Ingham.


Felicity will present her Balfour Lecture at the 2016 Autumn Meeting of the Genetics Society, to be held at the Royal Society in London in November this year. This two-day meeting will focus on “Functional genetic variation in the non-coding genome” and aims to bring together scientists using genetics, genomics, computational, cell and developmental biology to discuss how to identify functional elements in the non protein-coding portion (99%) of the genome and to determine how they affect gene expression.


This context will provide a most appropriate platform for Felicity’s work, which exploits natural evolutionary replicates of the threespine stickleback fish to functionally dissect the molecular mechanisms and evolutionary processes underlying adaptive traits and the evolution of new species. Read more about Felicity here.


The Balfour Lecturer is elected by the Society’s Committee on the basis of nominations made by any individual member of the Society. The only conditions are that the recipient of the award must normally have less than 10 years’ postdoctoral research experience at the time of nomination, and that any nomination must be made with the consent of the nominee.