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01.09.2017 17:24 Von: Sarah Danes

Jékely Lab Relocates

Professorship at Living Systems Institute, University of Exeter

After 10 years at the MPI for Developmental Biology, the research group of Gáspár Jékely packed up this summer and moved to its new location at the Living Systems Institute (LSI), University of Exeter, UK.


The new Living Systems Institute aims to pioneer novel approaches to understanding living systems and the diseases that afflict them, and is housed in brand-new, purpose-built accommodation on the campus of Exeter University in South-West England. Gáspár joins as a Professor of Neuroscience and says:


“We will continue to develop Platynereis as a model for systems neuroscience. We are particularly interested in analyzing circuits, behaviour, and their modulation by chemical signaling at a single neuron resolution. We will have to develop several new genetic and imaging tools to allow for the precise control of genetically identified neurons in fully mapped circuits. We also look forward to interacting with marine biologists in Exeter and in the South West, exploring a diversity of topics, including chemical ecology, marine pollution, and the establishment of new marine invertebrate lab animals.”


Read more about Gáspár’s work at the LSI.