The principal component of the program is preparation of a doctoral thesis representing a major piece of independent research. Alongside this, our students participate in a three-year supporting program made up of core activities undertaken by all students, plus additional activities selected by the student and their TAC.

Core activities are designed to help students get off to a good start with their PhD (introductory course and basic skills workshops) and to get feedback on their project, interact with other members of the school and build plans for the future (thesis advisory committee meetings; annual symposium; annual retreat). The table below displays the core activities and their timing over the three-year period.

Students expand on the core program by participating in additional activities chosen from: advanced scientific training options, career development and professional skills training, journal club participation and teaching and event organisation. Thus, each student can build up an individual portfolio of training and experience.  The TAC helps the student prioritise their project and training needs and choose options to match their needs and interests.

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curriculum overview
Your first six months

From basic orientation to scientific writing, the first six months will prepare you for the challenge of your doctoral work.
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Annual and core activities

Keep in touch with IMPRS classmates and faculty at the student retreat and the annual IMPRS symposium.
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Range of optional training

Overview of the range of activities you can choose from to round off your training program.
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