Faculty Overview (*offering projects in 2021 selection)

Heike Brötz-Oesterhelt

antibiotics, mechanisms of action, microbial natural products

Frank Chan

mouse genomics, adaptation, gene regulation

Susana Coelho*

marine algae, molecular evolution, sex determination, sexual reproduction, evo-devo, epigenetics

Karl Forchhammer

cell differentiation, persistence, metabolic regulation

Daniel Huson*

phylogenetics, metagenomics, algorithms

Ralf-Peter Jansen

mRNA transport, translation, RNA imaging

Felicity Jones

Chromatin variation, gene regulation, evolutionary genomics

Oliver Kohlbacher

computational biology, proteomics, metabolomics, structural biology

Ruth Ley

microbiome, host-microbial interactions, microbial ecology

Andrei Lupas*

bioinformatics, molecular evolution, protein structure

Boris Macek*

mass spectrometry, proteomics, genomics

Honour McCann

plant-microbe interactions, coevolution, disease emergence

Patrick Müller

zebrafish development, signal transduction, systems biology

Tassula Proikas-Cezanne

autophagy, human WIPI proteins

Doron Rapaport

mitochondrial biogenesis, protein sorting, lipid trafficking

Hassan Salem*

symbiosis, herbivory, pectinolysis


Erik Schäffer*

molecular motors, optical tweezers, single-molecule biophysics

Ralf Sommer*

developmental plasticity, evolutionary novelty, epigenetics and chromatin remodeling, evo-devo, evolutionary ecology

Thilo Stehle

virus structure, host-pathogen interactions, inhibitor design

Estienne Swart

ciliate genome editing, cellular and molecular biology

Marja Timmermans*

miRNA mobility, pattern formation, developmental genetics

Detlef Weigel*

genetic variation, speciation, miRNAs, plants, genomics

John Weir*

meiosis, cryoEM, protein biochemistry




Former Faculty

Faculty associated with our IMPRS but not recruiting students through the program are listed here

Professor Elisa Izaurralde, formerly Scientific Director of the Department of Biochemistry at the MPI for Developmental Biology and speaker of the IMPRS, passed away on 30 April 2018. We mourn the loss of our colleague and mentor.