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30.07.2015 11:54 Von: Sarah Danes

First PhD defence in the IMPRS

Vaishnavi Ravikumar obtains her doctorate

The IMPRS has its first graduate: Vaishnavi Ravikumar, from Boris Macek's group at the Proteome Center Tübingen, Interfaculty Institute of Cell Biology, successfully defended her PhD thesis this morning.


Vaishnavi joined the school as part of its first cohort in September 2011, and has written her thesis on the topic “Global Analysis of the Serine, Threonine and Tyrosine Phosphorylation Networks in the Model Bacterium Bacillus subtilis”. To read more about Vaishnavi’s research, see the publications list below.


Vaishnavi is moving directly to Sweden to take up a post-doctoral position in the Mijakovic lab at Chalmers University of Technology Göteborg. Congratulations, Vaishnavi, and very best wishes for the future.

  • Shi L, Pigeonneau N, Ravikumar V, Dobrinic P, Macek B, Franjevic D, Noirot-Gros MF & Mijakovic I (2014) Cross-phosphorylation of bacterial serine/threonine and tyrosine protein kinases on key regulatory residues. Front Microbiol 5, 495. 
  • Ravikumar V, Shi L, Krug K, Derouiche A, Jers C, Cousin C, Kobir A, Mijakovic I & Macek B (2014) Quantitative phosphoproteome analysis of bacillus subtilis reveals novel substrates of the kinase PrkC and phosphatase PrpC. Mol Cell Proteomics 13, 1965-78. 
  • Soufi B, Soares NC, Ravikumar V & Macek B (2012) Proteomics reveals evidence of cross-talk between protein modifications in bacteria: focus on acetylation and phosphorylation. Curr Opin Microbiol 15, 357-63.