How to apply


Applicants should hold, or expect to hold, a degree in natural or computer science from a Masters or equivalent program. Your current skills and knowledge should match well to your proposed area of doctoral research. All prior degree work must be finished before the PhD contract start date. Feel free to contact the IMPRS Coordinator for additional information.

Bachelors-only applicants: In rare cases, exceptionally talented students holding only a Bachelors degree may be admitted to the IMPRS. You should hold a 4-years honors degree, have excellent grades and possess extensive and relevant research experience. In such cases, additional study requirements – to be fulfilled during the first year of IMPRS participation - may be assigned.

If you obtained your degree(s) OUTSIDE the European Higher Education Area your application should include scores from the GRE General Test. To have your scores forwarded to us online, supply our institution code: 4791.  Applicants with an Indian GATE score can supply this instead of, or as well as, the GRE. If you have TOEFL scores, these cannot replace the GRE scores, but can be submitted in addition.
We assess the application as a whole and therefore do not employ fixed criteria regarding the GRE scores. As a guide, successful applicants have usually scored above 152 on the GRE verbal test and above 155 on the quantitative test. Good test results do not guarantee admission to the program; rather they provide evidence for us to look seriously at the application.

The participating institutes are committed to increasing the number of individuals with disabilities in their workforce and therefore encourage applications from such qualified individuals.

Application Procedure

  • Online application 2021
    Next opportunity to apply: 18 December 2020 to 08 February 2021. Here are some Hints for completing the application
  • Interviews
    The interviews will be held from 14 to 23 April 2021. Due to the current situation, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, we will be conducting the interviews in a virtual format. Full details regarding the interview process will be sent to invited applicants within 4 weeks of the application deadline. 
  • Offers
    Successful candidates will receive an offer by 30 April 2021 and must reply by 8 May 2021. 
  • Starting date
    New PhD students should be ready to join the school at the beginning of September 2021. An earlier start (July/August) is possible if the PhD advisor is in agreement.